15 Important Steps For The Best Thumbnails

15 Important Steps For The Best Thumbnails

Introduction – Do you want more views? more clicks? More likes more comments. Then you are reading the right article. In this article I will show you how you can make wonderful Thumbnails get to more likes more comments. If you follow these 15 Steps When you design a thumbnail you wonderfully get the results within a week or so. If you follow these 15 steps when you design a Thumbnail I can bet you that you are going to see the result. Okay, let’s get into the matter. Now. First we will say the basic things when you are going deep and deep you learn more Advanced ways

What Is Youtube Thumbnail

What Is Youtube Thumbnail -A YouTube video Thumbnail is the first image what you see when you’re browsing Youtube videos. Means when you open the Youtube app you will see the videos and the image of the videos that is called a Thumbnail. When the people will click on a video by only seeing the youtube thumbnail while uploading a video. You the YouTube will offer you to set the frame from your uploaded video. But means that YouTube will say that to select that image in the video.
But it but don’t set it the same of your uploaded video. And you edit and thumbnail professionally and upload it okay

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